lawyers for the 21th century
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We’re good. We’re smart. We’re efficient. We work to get the results you want at a fair price. In sum, we practice law like you always wished someone would.

Old-fashioned law firms charge in increments of tenths of an hour (usually with a .3 minimum). If you are paying $400.00 per hour; then, a 30 second voice message costs you $120.00 plus another $120.00 for the memo to file. Staff is berated if the copier is not running constantly (because each photocopy makes 12˘ to 17˘ for the firm.)

Today’s clients demand something different. At Wayne Philips Law, you pay us for our work. When we can undertake your case on a flat fee; then, standard costs such as photocopies, domestic telephone calls, and faxes are included. When you pay hourly, we make sure you get what you pay for.

We are able to offer fixed fee services in some cases because our experience lets us accurately determine in advance the amount of work that will be involved to complete your project. Wayne Philips is a fee arbitrator for the Orange County Bar Association--he rules on fee disputes between clients and lawyers so he knows how much legal services should cost.

We expect you to be productively involved in your case. Knowing where your case is going and why helps you manage your costs. Our responsibility is to handle your situation as expertly, efficiently, and as inexpensively as possible. Your responsibility is to care as much as we do.

Contact us at Info@WaynePhilipsLaw.com to learn how we can help you.