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The challenges of today’s economy give rise to many disputes over real property. We handle conflicts, disputes, and litigation arising from homeowner association disputes, contract problems, boundary issues, landlord/tenant complaints, broker negligence, inspector negligence, seller and buyer disagreements, and problems arising from financing. Contact us to learn how we can help you.


We will sit down with you, review your documents, and provide you a comprehensive analysis of realistic options available to you all for one low fee of usually $350-$500. Don't be misled by promises from others that sound too good to be true--they usually are! However, don't miss out on real fixes that can help. Your home is your largest investment--invest in us to learn what can be done.


HOA's are suing their members left and right. If you get sued, call us to analyze your case. Most CC&R's require the loser to pay attorney fees and costs. So, if you're on the right side of an HOA dispute, we'll fight for you and make the HOA pay!


Management of rental property can be complex. Evicting a tenant requires strict adherence to the law. Miss one step or violate one deadline and you may need to start again from scratch. All the time spent trying to do things for yourself can easily result in free rent for your tenant.

We offer many fixed fee eviction services for landlords. Let us handle your tenant concerns from the start and be assured they will be handled correctly. Doing things right one time saves you money and heartache!