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At Wayne Philips Law, our staff usually sorts out the general nature of your case by telephone or e-mail. Therefater, an attorney reviews your situation. If we can help you, we will schedule a telephone call with an attorney.

In some cases, clients just want a one-off office appointment to get pointed in the right direction. We are happy to meet with you for a reasonable fee.

When you need more, you and your attorney will sort out the scope of services you desire and discuss the cost. In some situations, we may need to conduct additional investigation. If so, your attorney will sort out these preliminary matters too. You are under no obligation (and services will not begin) until we agree to the scope of services and services are funded.

Some matters can only be handled under an hourly billing contract. Other matters can be handled for an agreed fixed fee. Still other types of cases might qualify for a contingency or partial contingency representation. We won't know until we talk with you. The scope of legal work we provide is completely in your control. Whether its “how to” education and advice or handling the situation from start to finish, Wayne Philips Law will help.

Wayne Philips is an extremely well-qualified trial attorney. We are ready to take the tough cases to the end. Because we know how to win cases at trial, we also know how to keep you out of the courthouse in the first place. In that vein, we regularly handle non-litigated issues for all clients.

Ready for top-shelf legal help? Contact us to get started! Info@WaynePhilipsLaw.com